Water Issues and Good Effects

Many people disregard the importance of water and totally neglect its necessity in maintaining their health. Though most of us know the health issues  related to the insufficient consumption of water, we do not take necessary measures. Water is more than just a fluid which quenches our thirst; If we do not consume enough water, we could serve a bait for a lot of disorders that could affect your health.

Issues related to inadequate intake of water

Water forms most of our body and hence is very important for all our cells and organs to work efficiently. Cells need water for proper functioning and organs like kidneys, specially, need high amount of water to function properly. Water helps in proper passage of the food that we consume through the digestive system. If there is less consumption of water, the digestive system cannot function the way it should. Besides, kidneys are the organs which are affected the most. Insufficient water consumption can lead to kidney stones. And UTI (Urinary Tract infection) is one risk which is associated with lack of water in the body and could be fatal. 

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If we have to totally understand the importance of water, we   need to  know the good effects that are associated with it. Some are listed below!

Good effects of drinking adequate water 

1) Hydration

Though this is obvious, it is true that our body cannot work at its very fundamental level if there isn't enough water in the body. Each metabolic function in our body like biochemical reaction or muscle contraction needs water. Enough water will keep our tissues hydrated and will aid in smooth chemical activities in our body. This will ensure that we have ease with processes  like metabolism and urination.

2) Keeps us full

Consuming a couple of glasses of water before  having the meal could aid in practicing portion control. Many of us indulge in overeating causing imbalance in our diet. Consuming water before food will make us feel full and regulate the amount of food we consume ensuring that   we are not overeating  and also would balance our diet.

3) Detoxification

If we  are hydrated,  we can very efficiently clear your body  of toxins. The toxins present in the body are basically junks which are left over after being unused. Our body  usually gets rid of such waste through urine,sweat and even stool. However, for this to happen there must be enough water in our body. If our body is not detoxified, it could have adverse effects on liver, kidney or even the way  the bowel functions. These toxins could enter the blood stream and cause harm. Drinking enough water  ensures being safe from all of this!

4) You sweat it out

Though one  might find sweating embarrassing, it is an important function which cools and regulates the temperature of our body. It is a great boon when you indulge in workouts and   sweat. It helps  the body to remain healthy. Besides, it is also good for  the skin. 

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This article is represented by Akshay Swachh Jal, a Social Enterprise in India to provide clean, Hygienic mineralized water at the most affordable costs. Akshay Swachh Jal manufactures and installs Water ATMs in India.

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